​(Strategy, Copy, Layout, Design)

Anyone with a computer can build his own website. So why pay a pro to do it?

1. Pros have the layout experience to know what goes where so users will see and act on them. Templates don't work for every business or situation.

2. Pros have the graphics tools and skills that the average user doesn't have access to --or even knowledge of.
Photos that are touched up or cropped so they don't look like stock photos

Graphics that are tailored for your messaging (not the other way around)

Custom made images, e.g., infographics that can quickly simplify complex concepts.

3. Pros know what copy belongs on a webpage and how to say it. They know the questions to ask, the points to make, and how to get it all down in an easy to understand way.

SummerCampership SITE
Strategy, copy, layout, design, creation

Why pay a pro to build your website?

Strategy, copy, layout, design, creation  SITE 
(Strategy, Copy, Layout, Design)

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​(Strategy, Copy, Layout, Design) SITE 
​(Design, Copy edit)

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