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Scripts need to be written in a special way because they are heard rather than read. 

Whether the script is the basis of a video, a speech, or even as an informative voicemail message, scripts need to use common words that are easily understood and their meaning comprehended.

A best practice is to explain the word or repeat it in context at least once. 

And don't use words or combinations that can be confused with other words. A recent commercial starts with the voice over, "Meet Kyle." After hearing the commercial at least a dozen times, I suddenly realized he was not saying "Mikhail."

Your best insurance is to have someone else (the "mother-in-law test") listen to the script before you release it. 


Metro Floral Decorating
​For centuries, love and beauty have gone hand in hand. Our flowers and arrangements may be stunning, but we know nothing compares to the person in your life.  On this special day, you want everything to be perfect!

 We live and breathe flowers, but you probably don’t. So how can we help you make the best selection from the hundreds of varieties we offer? Suppose you have a unique delivery request, want to tuck something special in an arrangement, or need to know how to care for your blooms? We’re happy to assist in any way we can--just ask!  





Isaiah Owens Funeral Home

Thank you for calling Isaiah Owens Funeral Service, where beauty softens your grief. Whether you have experienced the loss of a friend or loved one, or you’re calling to inquire about making your own arrangements in advance, we’re here to help in any way we can.   Thank you for your patience. Someone will be with you shortly.

For more than 30 years, Isaiah Owens Funeral Home has provided compassionate care to families throughout the tri-state region. We’re right in the center of Harlem at two one six Lexington Avenue, at the corner of one hundred and twenty-first Street.  

Kallman Worldwide has been active in the UAE
​since 1989. 

That year, Jerry Kallman Sr., introduced the Kallman brand as he, along with several other international trade show “gurus” provided keynote addresses and international tradeshow advice at an Abu Dhabi conference focused

on that theme.

Twenty-five years later, we celebrate U.S. and UAE partnership just a few kilometers from the crown jewel of conference facilities in the world, ADNEC, and just an hour one of the biggest exhibition cities in the world, Dubai.

Paris Air Show Public Weekend

As the most recognizable exhibition in the 
​aviation industry, the Paris Air Show attracts more
​than 300,000 visitors the third week of June every two years.

Nearly 140,000 trade professionals ​visit the trade show Monday through Friday.

But it’s the two-day public weekend that packs an even more impressive punch--when as many as 175,000 enthusiastic visitors of all ages wait in line to see what’s new and exciting on the ground--and in the air.