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Here's the one phrase that shows you are an amateur, have wasted time, or are about to hear snoring:
​ ​"You probably can't see this slide, but..."
make sure every single label on every slide is at least 20 pts

When I first started at North Jersey Media Group as its first presentation writer, the Market Research Department would give me up to 30 data sets and instruct me to put them into slides.

I learned later that sales people often took everything I had prepared for them, then tossed out 90% of it in the parking lot, knowing that nobody sits through an hour sales call (every slide=2 minutes).  They were too polite to tell me!

Lesson learned, I now create short PowerPoint decks of engaging slides that simplify complex concepts--often in a fun way.

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Presentations that will keep them awake 

Reaching Millennials  (partially templated design)

Powerpoint presention about engaging millennials

Marketing/Communiciations Action Plan (templated design)

Non profit agency marketing plan


(created strategy, copy, elements, design
on all presentations except where noted)

​​Creative Services​​ (proposal)


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