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Metro Floral Decorating
For centuries, love and beauty have gone hand in hand. Our flowers and arrangements may be stunning, but we know nothing compares to the person in your life.  On this special day, you want everything to be perfect!

We live and breathe flowers, but you probably don’t. So how can we help you make the best selection from the hundreds of varieties we offer? Suppose you have a unique delivery request, want to tuck something special in an arrangement, or need to know how to care for your blooms? We’re happy to assist in any way we can--just ask!  

Gentlemen:  a couple of notes on Valentine’s Day flowers. Number one, flowers make a lady feel attractive and feminine.  So make sure you really take note of that fabulous woman as you hand her her beautiful gift.   Number two, you’ll get that adoring look right back when your flowers are accompanied by a great note. Long or short…funny or serious…the only real rule is to make it sincere.

Thanks very much for your patience. We’ll be back on the line to help you as soon as possible.

Did you know that nearly half the flowers bought on Valentine’s Day are purchased by women? Females are more likely to show mothers, daughters and friends they care on Valentine’s Day, and many women treat themselves as well. Giving flowers to a man? Pink may be out, but you can show your man you’re crazy about him with strong, brilliant hues like reds, blues and yellows. A rustic container or a dark, sophisticated ribbon make your gift that much more masculine.

Make her heart skip a beat when you have her Valentine’s flowers delivered to her office, where she spends the better part of her week—and where everyone can see what a great guy she’s with.  She’ll think of you all day –and long after!

Take her breath away with a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner that you prepare from start to finish. Nothing means more than spending time and thought on someone –and there’s no better day than Valentine’s Day.   Just don’t have the time? Than at least give the thought:  bring over a great bottle of wine and some to-go food from her favorite restaurant, along with that movie she’s been wanting to see—and don’t forget the beautiful flowers!

 Imagine the look on the face of your daughter, mother or other special female when she opens the door to an unexpected floral delivery!  Your simple gesture is sure to delight her—and your thoughtfulness will be remembered for years to come.  

It’s estimated that well over a million roses will give their lives for Valentine’s Day this year. And it’s no wonder: roses are absolutely beautiful. Long a symbol of Valentine’s Day, roses are the most traditional way to say “It’s you and me, kid.”   There are so many choices—but you can’t lose with a dozen long-stemmed’s!

Someone is turning 40…or 50…or 60. Quick, what’s the perfect gift? How about sending flowers to the birthday kid’s mom, thanking her for giving you such a terrific friend! 

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