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3 questions to ask yourself before you design your logo

Your logo is your identity and the first and most consistent visual your stakeholders will see about you. It is important that your logo be professional and timeless and that it accurately reflects your brand. It needs to be appropriate for your audience, and for the ways you plan to use it.

What is your brand & feel? Is your product or service soft, friendly, fun, serious, calming, knowledgeable, serious, entertaining, educational, healthy...?

Who is your audience? Teens, Baby Boomers, lawyers, hippies, teachers, children, parents, military, athletes, men, women, doctors, mothers, truckers, executives?

What will you use your logo for? Most organizations use it on their website, letterhead, building/vehicle signage, and clothing.  You'll need to know this for the size, layout and complexity (embroidery on clothing is best done with simple designs). 

Changing a logo isn't impossible, but it can be expensive, as all pieces should be changed at the same time to avoid confusion. That will almost certainly mean waste, as all your pieces will not "expire" at the same time. 

Take some extra time now so that a redesign is not in the foreseeable future.