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On hold telephone script

Isaiah Owens Funeral Home
Thank you for calling Isaiah Owens Funeral Service, where beauty softens your grief. Whether you’ve experienced the loss of a friend or loved one,  or you’re calling to inquire about making your own arrangements in advance, we’re here to help in any way we can.   Thank you for your patience. Someone will be with you shortly.

For more than 30 years, Isaiah Owens Funeral Home has provided compassionate care to families throughout the tri-state region. We’re right in the center of Harlem at two one six Lexington Avenue, at the corner of one hundred and twenty-first Street.  Our doors are open Monday through Friday, nine A.M. to eight-thirty P.M. and Saturday and Sunday from ten A.M. to six P.M.

Whatever your circumstance, you can be assured of Isaiah Owen’s personal commitment to “preparing the very best-looking bodies in Harlem.” Celebrating life rather than mourning death, Mr. Owens is highly skilled in the Harlem tradition of “stylish send-offs.”  

​Described as a combination costume designer, plastic surgeon and psychologist, Owens creates a memorable vision to leave behind, sharing the family, faith and traditions of the departed in his unique but respectful presentations.

The New York Daily News recently wrote that Isaiah Owens is “positively famous for his ability to make the dead look almost as happy as he is.”  And renowned Professor Daniel Mongelluzzo calls Owens, “a master at his trade…[and] a remarkable practitioner.”  Your final gift to your loved one is the way she is presented and remembered. There is simply no better resource than Isaiah Owens.

Owens Funeral Home is conveniently located in the heart of Harlem at the corner of Lexington Avenue and one hundred and twenty-first street. For more information, please visit us on the Internet at W.W.W. Isaiah Owens Enterprises dot com. Thank you for holding. One of our helpful staff will be with you shortly.

Isaiah Owens is known around the world for his care and artistry. You can be sure his passion will be reflected in your loved one’s last appearance, with a cheerful yet completely dignified custom treatment that will leave visitors with only the most positive memories. So unique is his art, that photographs of Isaiah Owens’ work appears at Manhattan’s prestigious Edwynn Houk Gallery.

Isaiah Owens takes great pride and great pains to help the dead obtain proper presentation for what lies beyond.  Anubis is the Greek god of the dead. New York Times photographer Gianni Cipriano called Owens, “A modern-day Anubis” who beautifully prepares the defunct for the afterlife with dedication and respect.  

Do you know there is a way to ease your family’s burden during a difficult time? Pre-planning your funeral is a thoughtful and natural process that gives you time to contemplate and organize your wishes. And, pre-planning is an investment that saves money by locking in at today’s affordable rates. Let one of our highly-trained staff members help you make the choices to get what you want, at the same time relieving the financial and emotional burden typically left on family and friends.

Isaiah Owens Funeral Home

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