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Carole Lotito: Combining experience with a passion for technology. 

​Situation:  Attract attendees to a regional newspaper healthcare recruitment event sponsored by

Tactic:  Change ad (based on the template that supplied to all participating newspaper groups) that was getting a low response.

Action:  We changed the headline to be more direct and more intuitive to spot in the ad layout, and made some other layout changes.

Response: The new ad brought in more attendees than any other Monster event in the country. 

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                   Having held executive positions as Director of Marketing and Communications and

                   Director of Advertising Marketing, Bright Sides Marketing owner Carole Lotito has
                   supported sales and C-level staff with creative strategies and innovative multimedia tactics.  

                   Carole has also operated as a one-person shop, giving her valuable hands-on experience
                   in the latest  digital, print, face-to-face and out-of-home marketing, advertising  and PR.
  She provides a complete line of marketing services, specializing in supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs. 

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​​Smart investment
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your project will be current--and timeless.

​All projects incorporate the latest advances and trends, with years of proven theory and practice behind them.   

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I have spent most of my career on your side of the email. I get it.

As a former SME marketing director, I understand the role: miracle worker.

Tight deadlines, last-minute changes, multiple opinions, limited training and budget--and expected out-of-the-park's part of the territory.  

Like you, I thrive on it.


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capabilities, one experienced professional handles 


Flexible services: from individual element creation (like a single press release) to complete project production (like an entire service launch campaign).